1. natgeofound:

    A woman stands in front of her flower stand on the Rambla in Barcelona, Spain, March 1929.Photograph by Jules Gervais Courtellemont, National Geographic

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  2. natgeofound:

    American bison charge through heavy snow in Yellowstone National Park, November 1967.Photograph by William Albert Allard, National Geographic

  3. amnhnyc:

    In today’s peek into the archives, a Museum staff member models the male giraffe seen today in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals. (February 1928)

    Fun fact: The palm tree in the Water Hole diorama, in which you can see this giraffe, is the first painting by prolific Museum artist James Perry Wilson.

    AMNH Library/#312180

  5. fanserviced:

    Lumière Brothers, The Serpentine Dance, ca. 1899.  Each of the 700+ frames was hand-tinted.

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  7. remediosthebeauty:

    The Lucerne Festival Ark Nova is an inflatable and mobile concert hall.  It was conceived by architect Arata Isozaki & artist Anish Kapoor in conjunction with a Japanese concert management company, and it will make stops in regions affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

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  8. farmweather:

    Sometimes. Oftentimes your day does not go as planned and you make this face. 

  9. pleoros:

    See the haunting, beautiful weirdness of Mars:

    "Mounted to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter as it floats high above the red planet is the HiRISE telescope, an imaging device capable of taking incredibly high-resolution photos of the martian landscape. It’s sent back nearly 30,000 photos during its time above the planet, which have been used by NASA to find clear landing spots for rovers, and by researchers to learn more about the features of Mars’ surface." (read more here)

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  10. gifdrome:


    BBC - 60 Years In The Wild

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  12. natgeofound:

    A submarine trainee and instructor rise to the surface of a training tank in New London, Connecticut, November 1952.Photograph by David Boyer, National Geographic

  13. natgeofound:

    A little boy is dwarfed by a supersized cabbage in Matanuska Valley, Alaska, July 1959.
    Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic

  15. post-mitotic:

    mouse tongue in hot pink, as every tongue should be

    colored SEM

    credit: Susumu Nishinaga